High Sheriff Fund

August 2018 – November 2018:

Thanks to the High Sheriff Funded through Community Foundation we were able to run 14 weeks of junior youth club. 74 different children aged 6-11 had the opportunity to take part in fun sports and dance activities delivered by our elite multi-sport and dance academy partners MW Sports CIC.

The Vikes have run youth club and youth activities for over 50 years and we believe it is vital to provide children and families in the local community opportunities to take part in free activities that allows them to have fun, challenging sessions in a safe and nurturing environment.


Proceeds of Crime Act Fund (POCA)

September 2017 – August 2018:

The aim of the project was to revamp a youth club that was struggling to access funding and regular beneficiaries. Provide a safe space for young people to take part in constructive activity to aid their social development such as sports, dance and arts and craft. The aim was also to foster improved relationships with local police and for police to provide issue based activity’s to engage the local community.

Over a year of both junior and senior youth club seen over 1400 attendees throughout the year period. Thanks to the POCA Fund our centre has been able to regain a foothold in the community and provide a number of different projects that now make the running of the centre sustainable for many years to come.